Who we are

7starcoin is jointly owned by Phyllis Lopez and Hadwin Castro who both have a background in working with financial institutions in Mexico & Spain. We in 7starcoin utilizes the expertise of a third party trading system development company who are specialists in providing equity trading solutions, high volume Transaction processing and automated trading systems for financial markets. Our team members are IT professionals in areas such as software development, network security, automated payment processing and blockchain integration. We also have expertise with cloud based services , web security & Trading Specialist. And for Miners our unique HPM-750 Technology Services in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our Strong Points

Our platform is developing all the time. We are adding features that are giving many options to our clients. It's not only about exchange but also: Debit card that makes it possible to pay with crypto currencies at the stores and restaurants (still only for Spain users) ,Affiliate program that makes it possible to build passive income ATM withdrawals, Express payments and Utility Services. The 7starcoin develops and delivers software solutions necessary for businesses, Miners, organizations and individuals to securely move an asset across the Block chain. The expertise of The 7starcoin ensures successful, easy, fast, secure and cost-effective connectivity to the Block chain Users.

Ricky Hayden, CEO